4 Quart Enema Bag Kit

4 Quart Enema Bag Kit


Features Durable, Light Weight
Quality High Quality
Material Superior 4 Quart Rubber Latex Bag with Superior Silicone Tubing and Smooth Nozzles
S-Hook Yes, An Extra Strong Metal S-hook (instead of Plastic Hook)
Application Medicinal, Hospital
Usage High (deep) Enemas; Supplied with Complete Accessories + a Instruction Manual
Speciality No Cheap "bottle Converted-to-enema" Combination Systems Having Leaky Adapters - Use Just for Enemas

Almost all the Enema bag kits in the market are actually hot-water bottle systems which have been 'converted' to enemas through the use of adapters. This poses 2 major problems: Leaky fittings & adapters - more the parts more the chances of leakage. More importantly, being 'inverted', the water presses down upon the fittings causing leakages and making things difficult in general Poor hygiene - With the small screwed on opening, you simply can't access the insides to clean properly after an enema session, something you would very much want especially when doing enemas with various kind of additives. This fountain bag style is what enema bags should be - Nice open top for filling & cleaning; No upside-down hanging; simply upright works best. No needless adapters and problem points. In short, just what you need for an enema. As people working with enema solutions for several years, we also provide instruction manual with the kit to make the enema practice easier and informative. The 4-quart bag ensures a thorough cleansing at a very reasonable price. INCLUSIONS for 4 quart bag kits: Comes complete with Enema Bag + Enema Hose with an adjustable pinch clamp + straight- through nozzles (for enema and douche) + Hook + Instruction Manual. PACKAGED DISCREETLY TO AVOID EMBARRASSMENT.

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