Baby Tongue Brush

Baby Tongue Brush


Designed Structure Scientifically Designed
Speciality Safe, Non Toxic, BPA - Free
Dual Style Cleaning Head One Side with Ultra Soft Silicon Bristles, other Side with Parallel Silicone Fins for Gentle Ribbed
Length Pencil Length (14 Cms)
Feature Removes Most Milk Residues, Deposits, Thrush and Helps Keep the Baby Tongue Bacteria-Free
Wash Instruction Rinse Under Hot Water to Clean

Babies can be quite a handful. Even before teething starts, babies explore with their mouths. If they can reach it, in it goes! But more importantly, babies feed consists mainly of milk which can have quite a bacterial prone effect due to the stickyness and sweetness. Most of this settles as milk residues on the baby’s tongue. Besides, giving a bad breath, if left unattended, it provides the perfect substrate for bacterial activity and can make your bundle of joy prone to infections. Just as we are given to a daily brushing for teeth, what could we do for babies? Although, not much is needed, however it is imperative that we keep the baby’s tongue clean and free from residues. Besides helping in a healthier growth, it keeps the babies sensitive to different tastes that they are just beginning to explore. This special tongue brush is made of ultra soft serrations that, with a simple gliding action, would remove most of the residues from the tongue. Designed for easy handling by the adult, just one or two wiping actions would do the job and ensure total oral hygiene for your bundle of joy.

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