Toilet Seat Cover

Toilet Seat Cover


Item Weight 50gms Approx
Material Chlorine Free Tissue
Quality Hight Quality
Feature Compact, Easy to Carry, Disintegrable, Flushable After Use
Application Cover Toiles Seat Before Use
Speciality Eco-Friendly

It is really important to take care of your personal hygiene to avoid infections and diseases. A likely origin of such diseases is use of public toilets without taking any measures against the germs on the toilet seats.It is advisable to use toilet seat covers before using common toilets.There are a plethora of germs and virus present on the toilet seats which can cause many harmful diseases.They are very easy to use: Dry the seat / rim of the toilet seat before placing cover. Lay the sheet of the disposable toilet seat cover on the seat. Once you get up, just flush. The sheet should get automatically sucked in leaving no trace of it and maintaining the toilet cleanliness.

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